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Meet Pip she is a super sweet shetland pony that came to us several years ago severely underweight, scared of everything, and with overgrown hooves so bad she could hardly walk. Pip now greets us with a little nicker every time she sees us, she loves her amazing mane and tail to be brushed and loves her treats. 

Why Pip Needs to be sponsored: 

Pip will live out her life with us (only 10 years old) due to being crippled, her hooves were so overgrown she foundered and had damage to ligaments! Pip has to stay on regular trimmings and gets daily supplements to help ease joint pain. 


Bell is a sweet 15 year old blind Appy. She gets along great in the pasture she is in now but when removed she stresses and stops eating, so Bell will live her life with us at Double R.

Why Bell needs to be Sponsored:

Bell has developed arthritis in her front knees and takes daily supplements, she also has a salve that she has for her eyes in the summertime to help keep flies and other insects out of her eyes. 


Kailua is a happy healthy 28-year-old quarter horse mare, due to her age she will live out her life with us!

Why Kailua needs to be Sponsored:

Due to her age, Kailua is on a special diet to help her maintain her great body condition.


Gypsy came to us several years ago after her owner had lit her on fire! Gypsy is only 14 years old and we did get her broke to ride, however, she has severe PTSD and we never know what might set her off. Gypsy has undergone years of training and does great on the ground but as she ages her PTSD seems to increase so we have decided she will retire in peace just being a horse at our rescue. 

Why Gypsy needs to be Sponsored:

While Gypsy is a happy healthy horse, she still requires groundwork to keep her manors, and all of her yearly maintenance of feed, shots, trimmings, and wormer. 


Remmi came to us after she damaged her front shoulder leaving her forever lame. Remmi is around 10 years old, loves to be brushed out, and loves her treats! She has wonderful ground manors and is an easy keep.

Why Remmi Needs to be Sponsored:

With Remmi's injury, she receives supplements to help ease her pain, as long as she has her hooves trimmed on a regular basis and gets her supplements Remmi lives a happy carefree life. 


Rosie came to us several years ago when she had flipped herself in a trailer causing damage to ribs and her face. Her owners did not know if she would make the trip back home (several states away)

Rosie stayed at our rescue as what we called a volunteer horse, she was used at several events with kids, she loves kids, teaching them all about how to handle and work with a horse. Now Rosie is 25 and will retire her days living the good life at Double R.

Why Rosie Needs to be Sponsored:

While Rosie is healthy due to her age she requires a special diet, and routine teeth work to help her maintain her proper body weight. 


Dasher is a 15-year-old Pony that has a severely deformed back hoof. Dasher gets around great as long as routine maintenance is done on his hoof keeping it trimmed the best it can be. Dasher is still undergoing groundwork (can be a bit naughty) but will turn out to be a great little addition to Double R. Dasher will live his life out with us to ensure he receives the proper maintenance. 

Why Dasher Needs to be Sponsored: 

Dasher has to have his hoof trimmed every 3 weeks, he will also be starting some supplements during the cold weather, mainly due to hard grounds, to help him stay pain-free. 


Charlie is a sweet 12-15-year-old Donkey who loves scratches and treats and will tell you about it if she feels like you are ignoring her. Charlie has foundered, but with routine maintenance, she gets around with little slowing her down. Yes, the frozen ground can slow her up a bit. However Charlie has taken up a role as "Mother" or "Protector" to those in her herd who are smaller, crippled, or completely blind and for that reason, she will stay at the rescue to maintain her role. 

Why Charlie Needs to be Sponsored: 

Due to Charlie having foundered she undergoes routine maintenance and has to have supplements in her feed in winter to help ease the pain the frozen ground can cause. 


Maddie is a gentle giant, standing at 16 hands tall! This sweet Standerbred was brought to our rescue after being saved from a kill lot by the Standardbred Retirement Foundation, she came to us underweight and a bit off balance. Her first few days we were hoping she was unsteady due to being underweight, however, after a month with us we believe she has a neurological disorder and will never be able to be rode,‚Äč or in a larger herd. This mare is only 11 years old and will live out her life with us at Double R. Maddie has a heart of gold and only wants to be loved. 

Tattoo: 9GL62

Entred Double R: 12-27-2020

Why Maddie Needs To Be Sponsored: 

Maddie will be an expensive horse to keep, due to the way she stands (front legs spread for balance) routine hoof work to keep her hooves growing correctly is a must. Maddie also has supplements of vitamin E and possibly more in her future as we continue to try and narrow down her issues. (EPM has been ruled out)

How to Sponsor: 

Our site is currently under construction please email us at 

[email protected] to obtain more information.