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Get to Know our Featured Horses! 

Each time we feature a horse, we hope you take the time to get to know them and understand them a bit better, how they came to be at Double R, and what their care looks like, please feel free to donate on behalf of each featured horse with the link provided below, please add the horse's name to the donation so we (us and the horse) can thank you! 


All About Maddie 

This sweet girl has a long road ahead of her, she came to us when an amazing organization saved her from the kill lot. From there we have had balance issues, weak in the back in, and a few other issues that we just can't seem to nail down. According to her tattoo, this girl's registered name is Mean Mattie, but she is nothing but sweet when working with her. The first thing we did when getting her home was quarantine and get her all of her shots to make sure she was healthy before allowing her nose to nose with any of our horses already at the rescue. Next, we noticed that she did some pretty severe weaving in her stall, so as soon as we could rearrange our holding pens we allowed her outside in a larger paddock, from there we really go to see just how unsteady she was in her back end. She could not trot or move out, it was almost like she did not know where her back legs were going to land. The vet came back out and we ruled out Lyme disease and EPM and put her on a high supplement of vitamin E, yes this help but we were still not steady. She has since had her shoes removed (stood like a champ) has started PEMF Therapy twice a week (LOVES IT) and has had 2 chiropractic adjustments. We have seen a big difference and she has now trotted on several occasions and we have even seen her attempt an awkward lope :) We will take this in strides with her and let her heal at her own pace. In the meantime, she has become great friends with our mini, a gelding, and one other mare! Continue to follow us on Facebook for her process, or in our rehabbing section on our website! Also please hit the DONATE button to help this beautiful girl receive the care she needs to continue to recover.