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Get to Know our Featured Horses! 

Each time we feature a horse, we hope you take the time to get to know them and understand them a bit better, how they came to be at Double R, and what their care looks like, please feel free to donate on behalf of each featured horse with the link provided below, please add the horse's name to the donation so we (us and the horse) can thank you! 


All About Spartan  

Where do we begin on this gentle giant! Spartan had a rough go at life, we were told that at one point he was tied to a trailer somehow flipping himself and hanging for a few hours before someone found him. Spartan does have several scars on his face and head to make us think that this story is true. This guy is 11 years old and came to his new family severely underweight, head shy and not to trusting of people (but can you blame him). This new family showed him nothing but love and kindness allowing his true quirky personality to start to shine through, he did ground work like a pro and took a western and english saddle with ease. Unfortunately Spartan slipped under some fencing and injured his back while in their care, they were told by the vet at that time that they should put him down but they could not bare not giving this strong soul a chance. They started him with massage therapy and he really started to improve so they sought Double R out in hopes that we could provide him with the extra therapy and care he needed. Since coming to the Double R we have started him with some chiropractic sessions and he will be starting pulse therapy soon, his back has been X-rayed and no damage to bone is seen giving us hope that time off and therapy may bring this boy back to trail riding level. He will never do barrels or sporting events again but that does not mean 4-H pleasure, halter or trail is not in his future. He loves being around people now, loves water and baths, being brushed and all types of treats, carrots, apple you name it! Spartan will be getting a lot of treatment over the next several months and this will be costly for the rescue so please find it in your heart to Sponsor this beautiful boy, a donation can go a long way!!