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Adoptable Horses:

Our site is currently under construction, Please feel free to email us at [email protected] or like us on Facebook "Double R Horse Rescue" to see more of our available horses. 


We have decided to move Bella to our adoption page but let us please tell you more about her. Bella was dropped on us in the middle of the night so we have no clue about her past, however, we can tell she was beaten. So to whoever thinks about adopting her please know she will need to start from scratch with a slow confidant hand. Bella is broke to ride and approximately 15-17yro mare going off teeth. She seems to be a bit claustrophobic so trailering can be an issue. She is herd sour at the moment but training can change that, she tends to get flustered very easy and a rare is her first go-to. However please don't let all the negative fool you. On the ground, Bella is the sweetest thing you will meet, she loves being brushed and loves standing in the sprinkler on hot days. She is the first to greet you at the gate and is easy to halter, and stands for the farrier.   

Adoption Fee: $300


Bonus is a sweet 11 year old Standardbred gelding, who is broke to ride. He came to the rescue when another organization saved him from the kill lot. So far with us he has proved his weight in gold, he is laid back, easy to handle, easy to load, is a bit of a loner in the herd so riding out away from them has not been an issue. He stands great for the farrier and enjoys being brushed out.  He will make a great addition to someone's family. 


Who could not fall in love with this face! Chester is one of the sweetest Shetlands you will come across. He is halter broke and on a few occasions has given bareback rides to little kids at the rescue with no issues. We do not know if he is "officially" broke to ride but it would not take much to finish him out. He stands great for the farrier but may have foundered in the past as he tends to get a bit sore after a trip. He is on the pudgy side so he has been restricted from only carrots as treats and no grain at this time (winter that will change) I am easy to catch, love to be brushed or just messed with in general, and loads with ease!