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Double R Horse Rescue

Every Horse Deserves a 2nd Chance! 

In Need of a Skid Steer 

This November and December Fundraisers, "Give Where You Live" & "Deck the Stalls", we are looking at raising money for a Skid Steer. Our small little tractor has lasted us 11 years but now the maintenance and upkeep are starting to nickle and dime us and it is not rated to lift and move large round bales. We are in search of a skid steer as opposed to a tractor due to the versatility we would get from it. A skid steer is capable of lifting our large round bales off of the semis we get in and moving them around the pens as needed, but yet small enough to easily clean pens and the barn, we are looking at a used skid steer with 2 different attachments one bucket loader (like pictured) and one fork attachments to move bales. As a rescue we do have some funds set aside to help match what is donated but at this time we do not have enough to cover the cost completely and leave funds for our day to day operation of feed, vet and supplements. A used skid steer with just one attachment will cost roughly $20,000 an additional attachment is $4,000 - $8,000 depending on the attachment we would need.

 We love what all of you as a horse community do for our rescue! Thank You. 

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Help Us Grow! 

Double R is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization that believes every horse deserves a second chance at life, even if that means living their life out at the rescue. Double R has been open for 10 years and has successfully rehomed over 800 horses and is now seeing a large demand in horses needing homes now more than ever! We have a 3-year plan to grow our rescue and allow us to make a LARGE impact on rescue in the Midwest. 


 Covid-19 has not just impacted the lives of so many individuals but also the lives of thousands of horses, many people have been laid off of work and are struggling to make ends meet, with that they are having to make the incredibly hard choice of feeding the family or letting go of beloved horses! Double R needs to grow to help save these horses from an untimely death at no fault of their own or their owners. We are looking to purchase more land, and build a 15-20 horse stall barn with an indoor arena for on-site training and fundraisers.